Welcome toArtificial Intelligence & Data Science Centre

This Centre been merged from two existing Centre which are Software Centre and Data Science Centre.


A distinguished Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Centre in software and integrated computing.
Pusat Kecerdasan Buatan & Sains Data Terulung dalam pembangunan perisian dan perkomputeran bersepadu.


Provide reliable data driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution which give significant impact towards society, and offer high quality products, services and research in the state of the art technologies in software and integrated computing to spur the advancement of industry and community.
Menyediakan penyelesaian berasaskan data dengan berteraskan kecerdasan buatan yang dipercayai serta memberi impak signifikan kepada masyarakat, dan komited dalam menyediakan produk, perkhidmatan dan penyelidikan berkualiti tinggi dalam teknologi pembangunan perisian dan perkomputeran bersepadu untuk memacu kemajuan industri dan masyarakat setempat.


•       Provide a central hub for high-quality research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics (DA);

•       S
eed opportunities for intra- and inter-disciplinary research across faculties within the University and collaboratively with external partners;

•       F
ocus our expertise on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and to cater to specific needs for industrial growth in the East-Coast and beyond;

•       E
stablish a credible, strong, multi-disciplinary umbrella structure supporting large-scale projects, at national and international level.


•              Internationally    and    nationally    recognise     Data
Science Centre & Artificial Intelligence.

•              Solve industry problems.

•         Adding values through training, consultation, and professional programs.

•       Create innovative social values through research that benefit the industry and the community.

•            Design conducive research environment with latest facilities & technology.

•       Support faculty produce outstanding and holistic undergraduate and postgraduates' students.

•              Transform   innovative   talent      for    future    global
business leaders.

•              Support    industrial    driven   academic   programs.

Our Expertise

In addition, we aim to foster and support a collaborative community of practitioners in Data Science across the disciplines.

Our researchers will cooperate in their research projects, encourage critical thinking, and consider the wider scientific, societal, economic, and cultural implications of their work. We will strive to act as role models when inspiring and training the next generation of data scientists.